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Located in West Wendover, NV, we are 'Dramatically Engaged', and with my company's enhanced technology helps provide superior application performance for increased productivity you can rely on. I look forward to doing business with you!

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I come with 60 years of photography experience. Specializing in all modes of analog and digital photography. Just to name a few.. Black and white, portrait, landscape, both aerial and land video, transfer of still photography and video to HQDVD and/or BluRay DVD. Many service's available for you! Contact us with your event's, project's and I'll do all the work for you!

Located in Wendover, NV-UT and new for your local area, we also repair, build, sell computers, E-commerce websites, create and maintain websites with 25+ years of experience. Check us out at: www.iasmypc.com

Located in West Wendover, NV, we finally have some live camera's over looking the Wendover area. We have 6 different camera views with each looking to the East, South and West. Hope to have them set up and working as a live feed to the website soon. Stay tuned!

Now available is the "Wendover 2019" video! View Wendover from above! It is available on either HQ-DVD or in HD Blu-Ray Disc.
"Place your order now!" for information on how you can get this fantastic DVD!

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Monday, September 28th, 2020;

Yesterdays high in Wendover was 71. We felt that fall blast yesterday... as the temperatures cooled and the winds picked up out of the north. It'll stay cooler than average today, with highs stopping below 70. A little warmer tomorrow, then get set for warmer than average weather by midweek. Close to 80 later on this week and through the coming weekend. Today will be a beautiful fall day across the entire state. This morning will be clear and crisp with temperatures starting out the day in the 30s and 40s, but temperatures will warm up nicely by afternoon with highs reaching to near 70. The quiet weather will stick around all week long, and temperatures will continue to climb through midweek. Air quality improved over the weekend as wildfire smoke was pushed out of the state, and it looks like air quality will remain good all week long. Finally, right! Oh well.. Time will tell..

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